Q & A

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to answer some questions that you guys (and gals) may have.

Q. Will you review this set/product?
A. Probably not, I have a teenager's budget and I don't have a job. I may review a certain set, but I would only get it if I need/want it. I cannot afford to buy things in a whim and I have to save for months to get a ten dollar set. You could send me a copy of the 2016 Death Star if you wanted to. :p

Q. What happened to this animation/series.
A. Animation takes a while. A lot of time has to be put into making the best videos I can make. I also have school and homework to do; this gives me no flexibility. Projects will take me months or years to create.

Q. Will you do a game play video(s)?
A, Probably not in the near future. Maybe some day.

Q.  Will you sell/trade/give me your LEGO.
A. No.

Q. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
A. I think you should write about something you love. You should also be willing to put time into making quality content that you and the people you are trying to reach will enjoy. Keep you website fairly clean looking and make sure you have proper grammar.

Q. Will you build a layout of a city?
A, No, I stopped buying LEGO City sets a few years ago since I got tired of fire trucks and police cars. I also don't have the money to do so. You can watch JANGBRiCKS' or Brick Vault's layouts. If I had the money and the time, I would build a Minecraft layout instead.

Q. Why don't you do that many MOCs?
A. I really don't have the time anymore. I also live away from my collection now, which is a pain.

Q.  Where do you live/ What is your address/ What is you password/ What is your insurance number/Can I have private information/What is your email/What is your phone number?
A. I won't share that info, you creeps! :P

Q. Why don't you do video reviews?
A. I now do video reviews. Check them out on YouTube.

Q. Why are you so protective of your identity?
A. I'm a minor and my parents are the ones who asked me to protect my information.

Q. Why haven't you posted this news/set list/ other important info?
A. I don't have the time or I haven't gotten to it yet. I work hard to keep you all up to date.

Q. Does LEGO send you sets early?
A. No

Q. Is LEGO sponsoring this blog?
A. Nope.

Q. My comment was removed, what happened to it?
A. I probably removed it.  I will remove spam, profanity and inappropriate comments. My brother reads this blog and my parents would appreciate it if he didn't learn all those things. (I would also prefer complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling, just sayin'.)

Constructive criticism is always welcome. I always appreciate criticism that will help me become better at blogging/building.  I don't want criticism along the lines of "You suck", "You're a loser", or "You are an idiot."

Anyway, I hope that clears up any questions you have. If you have a legitimate LEGO related comment/question, an question on how I did my LEGO math in a MOC, or a question about a set I reviewed, I'll will do my best to get back to you. I may be of some help.

As always, thanks for reading!